Magnetic Bumper Sticker: TRUMP-PENCE Make America Hate Again!

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NEW! Get noticed, let everyone know that you’ve had enough, with our TRUMP-PENCE Make America Hate Again! bumper magnet (3″ x 9 1/2″). Our bumper magnets are made from durable magnets that will look great and last for years.

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    I will never buy anything off of this site.. Seriously? It’s obvious that you do not do your research when it comes to politics. Why would you sell something so damaging. I wouldn’t do it even against Hillary. Pence is a godly man who genuinely cares about this country. He is a great balance for Trump and I know I can sleep with a clear conscious. Start researching everything they are saying about Trump/Pence and you will find some very different outcomes which are coming from the media who are bought off by the left wing. So sad.

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      To begin with, assuming that you are a pro Trump/Pence supporter, I would not expect you to buy anything on this site anymore than I would buy something on a Trump site. I’m not sure why you are even visiting an anti-Trump/Pence website. Secondly, I know you think Pence is a “Godly Man”, but he does not represent the Christianity I grew up with and believe. A true Christian has compassion for all the people and not the select few who believe the way he does. And with respect to the hateful or negative signs and bumper stickers, those are mostly geared towards Trump. Trump is the most devisive candidate I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. His speeches and comments lack knowledge, compassion, or a plan for America; and are filled with hateful rhetoric. Hence: “Make America Hate Again.” Lastly, I do my research and I don’t just listen to MSNBC. I listen to Fox, CNN, Rush Limbaugh and others to find a balance in order to make sense of this political cycle. I’ve never been more terrified of the Republican party than I am this year. The republicans want to build a wall, evict 11,000,000 immigrants, ban a religious group from entering our country, not support NATO, repeal gay marriage rights, repeal Roe vs. Wade and fear monger the country into voting for them. This is not the country I believe in and if Mike Pence is going to throw away all of his “values” and team up with Trump, then he will have to make the bed he lies in.
      I do not go on pro Trump sites to state my opinions. I do not burn the opponents signs or vandalize their homes and vehicles, as many of us have been. I believe in the first amendment. We all have the right to state our words and opinions. This is an anti-Trump/Pence website and I would appreciate you reserving this space for people who believe as we do. If you’d like to have a private conversation, you can reach me at
      Kevin Warren

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